Sonya Spowage

Writer. Designer. Strategist.

While completing a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Communications, I gained 2+ years of experience writing, producing and designing content for a broad range of audiences and organizations including:

  • educational copy and user flows for products and apps
  • voice standards for a community website
  • social media content for a documentary series
  • an editorial strategy for a design publication
  • editorial content for a conference
  • and PSAs for radio

Seeking positions related to content strategy, user experience, and copywriting.

Experience Contact

Featured Projects Experience

Volunteer Experience

  • Verses Festival of Words

    Vancouver's best slam poetry festival which aims to celebrate the transformative power of words to engage diverse groups, to present influential artists, and to encourage the next generation of performers and writers.
  • Ted X Renfrew-Collingwood

    Centred around the theme “From Far to Here”, speakers were invited to share heartfelt stories about their own journeys, and wisdom on how community diversity creates better and more interesting neighbourhoods.


  • UI Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Copy Editing
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Product Voice & Tone
  • Product Education
  • Audio Production
  • Voiceover


  • Sketch
  • Quip
  • Excel
  • Illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Audition


In school, I studied communications technologies and was passionate about writing and design. I knew I wanted to do something where the two disciplines combined, and where I could have an impact on improving communications systems for people. I wasn’t sure if such a career existed.

In my search for common ground, I discovered the fields of content strategy and interface writing. What I learned was that process of writing and planning content isn’t so different from process of design. Like design, writing takes strategic-thinking, research, focus, testing, and editing. Both inform people using language, structure, and craft.