A web app to help you track and manage your subscriptions



  • Jordan Caron
  • Nika Lohrasabi
  • Wardatul Fardous


  • Design research
  • Ideation + Exploration
  • Prototyping


  • UI Design
  • UI writing

The Project

Subscriptly is a web app designed to help people track and manage their subscriptions in one place.

Our app's goals are simple: Show users what subscriptions they have. Help users stay alert to billing dates, expiring services, and renewals. Help users make informed financial decisions by giving them a clear view of detailed and overall spending.

My Role

I was a designer on a team of 5 and we created this project over the course of 3 weeks. I contributed to ideation and worked closely with my team to conduct user research and plan the user experience. I was in charge of developing a style guide, designing the user interface, and prototyping interactions. In addition, I worked on writing clear and motivating interface copy.


Using a combination of interviews and surveys, we spoke to individuals with multiple subscriptions and found they had these characteristics and issues in common:

  • Users usually fell into 3 groups:
    1. Check their financial statements religiously
    2. Don’t check their statements often / thoroughly
    3. Skim statements for major payments and not for small recurring ones
  • All participants had their credit cards or bank accounts billed every month
  • 80% of participants had more than one credit card
  • Annoyed by automatic renewal without notification
  • Frustrated by process of canceling subscriptions
  • Forget to cancel free trials for services they don’t want or can’t afford
  • Pay for services they haven’t used in awhile
  • Use personal finance trackers like the Mint app.

We needed to provide people with a better experience than reviewing credit card statements. While some of our research participants benefitted from personal finance trackers like mint, mint did not focus on subscriptions specifically. In order to provide value, we needed to do more than address obvious pain points like forgetting to cancel free trials.

  • Safe, and respectful of privacy
  • Dead simple, no added friction
  • Mostly automated, but option to input subscriptions manually
  • Visualize overall spending and usage details
  • Increase awareness and provide insights on what services are being used
  • Help user make informed decisions on what services are worth keeping
  • Handle cancellation in app

User Flow

Marketing Page

We considered what users might see before they signed up and designed a marketing page walking users through the main concept, features and value for this service before prompting them to sign up.


The next section highlights 3 key features that relieve user pain points and deliver value: simple and quick sign up, automatic detection, and information at a glance.


The final section motivates users to sign up, emphasizing the speed, value and convenience of the process. Action oriented language builds inertia and drives readers towards the final call-to-action.

Onboarding & Building Trust

Access to credit card statements allows Subscriptly to detect billed subscriptions automatically. Since this information is sensitive, users need an honest explanation of how it will be acquired, used, and protected. Under each step is a description providing full disclosure on why that information is needed.


Subscriptly can automatically detect subscriptions and track them for users, creating a frictionless experience. Users can quickly review detected subscriptions and deselect the ones they don’t want to track.

Product Tour

Before using the interface, users are given the option to take a product tour that explains key features. Short messages describe how to use each feature and explain how they are useful.




Subscription List

Users can filter subscriptions by category, name or price. The “Recently Subscribed” category brings attention to newer subscriptions, such as free trials, so they can be easily monitored.

Overview Sidebar

The sidebar is where users can see their monthly spending history, the lifetime spending of each subscription, and spending projections so that they can make informed financial decisions.

In the overview tab, users can see spending from current and previous months by selecting a month from the dropdown list, be alerted to new subscriptions, and see what cards are in the account.


In the spending tab, visualizations provide a big picture view of spending for each category, helping users understand what types of services they spend most on.


In the navigation bar, a blue alert icon indicates new notifications. Notifications alert users when a subscription is detected, about to be billed, or when a free trial is expiring.

Add Subscriptions

Adding a new subscription is a painless experience. Auto-detected subscriptions are pre-populated into the form. Subscriptions that cannot be detected can be manually inputed into a form by clicking on the plus icon in the navigation bar.

Subscription Details

When users click on a subscription, they can set a bill reminder, see total amount spent, billing/account details, cancel the subscription, or stop the service from tracking it.


Cancellation can be securely handled within the app. The user can just input the login information for the subscription account and confirms. The copy communicates that it is not a reversible action.


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