Writing Portfolio

A collection of writing which explores my interest in content strategy and design.



  • IAT 309 - Writing for Design
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Sep – Dec 2014


  • Create a portfolio
  • Craft tone
  • Showcase writing


  • Explore content strategy
  • Learn disciplinary language
  • Relate past work to CS skills

I had only learned about content strategy a few months before taking this third year writing class, so I wanted to use the class assignments as an opportunity to explore this career path.

I created a professional writing portfolio showcasing my design projects and class writing in a way that demonstrated my interests and passion for design and content strategy. My portfolio includes original drafts, finals, and a concluding reflection where I demonstrate my thought process and iterations. My reflections show how I iterated by striving to understand my audience, to be mindful of tone and language, and to communicate clearly in concise sentences.

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IAT 309w Writing Portfolio (17 pages)


This course taught me to be very deliberate and strategic in how I write, and to understand writing as an experience. By knowing my audience, their needs, their knowledge gaps, as well as the purpose of the message, I was able to establish constraints. While being mindful of these constraints, I learned to develop and control my tone & language, edit rigorously, and apply rhetorical strategies to minimize reader resistance.

My professor, who recognized my interest in writing, asked me to TA the course the following semester.

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